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Passengers please behave!

Passenger behave
The best message we could give to any passenger is: sit down, buckle up, shut up, remain seated for the duration of the flight, disembark asap and take all your rubbish with you!

But for those passengers who need a bit more explanation of how to behave before, during and after their flight, Confessions of a Trolley Dolly made this manual for you.

Please pay some attention and obey our rules. Thank you for flying with us!

How commercial planes should be laid out

How commercial 5
Commercial airplanes always have the same layout. Economy class in rear, first class in front and some in between class in between.

The brings us a new vision on how a commercial airplane should be laid out. We think one of the most useful sections is the one in the tail and the best one is... no, not ‘First’. Just give us ‘Legendary Coach’. Check it all out on this website.

How commercial 3

How to sleep in a plane?

On long flights people need to sleep in a plane. And passengers sleep it the weirdest positions, especially in economy class.

New York stand-up comedian Demetri Martin made a series of amusing illustrations about this. At Any Airways we show you the awkward centipede position. More positions from his collection are available on Tastefully Offensive.


You know you are a flight attendant when...

Flight Attendant
Do you want to know if a person really is a flight attendant? There is a list with signs that tell you if someone really is a flight attendant. Of course it starts with being able to eat a 4-course meal standing at the kitchen counter and afterwards clean his or her fingers with the curtains. But there is much more.

The list was online already and Cosmopolitan View updated it and it is absolutely hilarious.

Check the list at the website Cosmopolitan View (The Mile High Magazine).

The A-Z of airline passengers

Everyday, cabin crew around the world come into contact with hundreds of different people, from all walks of life. Every individual we welcome onboard can make, or break our day. Here we take a look at the different types of passengers your hard working crew have to deal with. If you are a member of the flying public have a read through and see which category you fall in to.

Enjoy the A-Z of airline passengers from Confessions of a Trolley Dolly.

Annoying passengers during FS demo

Ever had annoying passengers during your flight safety demonstration?

Five types of airline pilots

Hollywood would have us believing pilots are handsome and suave, with an arsenal of pick-up lines. But is this reality? We don’t think so.

There are common characteristics found in all pilots. For example: they all steal newspapers and guzzle coffee by the gallon. Jumpseat Jetsetter categorized the Airline pilots in five different groups. We do think most pilots fit in one of these categories.
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