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Travel tips that will change your life

The website brings us a web page with 29 travel tips that will change your life forever.

But the list brings us 29 tips only... Can you add the 30th?

Paper plane with auto pilot...

This is very short movie is about one of the most useless inventions, but we still love it.

And who are these people? Wannabe pilots? Perhaps ground engineers working at the wrong company? Probably just people who have absolutely nothing better to do at work...

How to sleep in a plane?

On long flights people need to sleep in a plane. And passengers sleep it the weirdest positions, especially in economy class.

New York stand-up comedian Demetri Martin made a series of amusing illustrations about this. At Any Airways we show you the awkward centipede position. More positions from his collection are available on Tastefully Offensive.


Man lives in airplane in the woods

Some people live in airplanes and still hate them. Others love them so much they want to live in one. Deep in the Oregon woods outside the Portland suburbs a Boeing 727 appears to have landed at the top of a steep dirt driveway encircled by towering pines. For Bruce Campbell, this is home.

Campbell is one of a small number of people worldwide, from Texas to the Netherlands, who have transformed a retired aircraft into a living space or other creative project. Complete with wings, and landing gear resting on pillars, this is where Campbell spends six months of the year.

For more information about Campbell’s airplane home please visit or watch this beautiful time-lapse movie:

Airplane Home - Boeing 727 from Even Quach on Vimeo.

The A-Z of airline passengers

Everyday, cabin crew around the world come into contact with hundreds of different people, from all walks of life. Every individual we welcome onboard can make, or break our day. Here we take a look at the different types of passengers your hard working crew have to deal with. If you are a member of the flying public have a read through and see which category you fall in to.

Enjoy the A-Z of airline passengers from Confessions of a Trolley Dolly.
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